Immortal Wounds- Fun Facts

Sometimes readers enjoy knowing the back-story of characters, or other points of interest about books they've read. Here are a few bits and bobs to satisfy the curious.


How Phoebe's name was chosen:

I was trying to decide on the perfect name for my heroine. I had just had my third child, who happened to be one of those kids that didn't want to be put down. Her name...Phoebe! It was perfect: old world, unique and beautiful. She lay across my lap for the first six months of her life while I wrote this story.

Kim and Leah:

While the characters in Immortal Wounds are fiction, Phoebe's friends Kim and Leah, are actually my best childhood friends.  I did my best to capture their true personalities- including the light bickering! Anyone who grew up with me will undoubtedly remember Kim and Leah and smile.

The scene where Kim, Leah and Phoebe stuff themselves into Kim's car and go surfing actually happened.  Yes that means we were forced to listen to Kim's "Grease" CD on many, many occasions-constant gripe of Leash's And yes, Band-aids were always needed on a "Kim outing".

Original Title:

As it is for many authors, the titles of their books are not always what they started out with.  My original title for this story was Twice Bitten.  I changed it because another author claimed it for her story while mine was still in the editing process- I'm happy that she did.


Sigh...I've been asked by many a reader, but I am sorry to say that Raymose is unfortunately fiction.  I'd like to create a prequel after I've completed book two, where Raymose claims a great deal of the spotlight.


Located in northern California, near Arcata where I grew up. It's a beautiful town that's tucked in among the Redwood trees and hugged by the Pacific Ocean. I spent more weekends than I can count playing on those beaches with my friends. Aside from visiting with my family, Trinidad is #1 on my to-do list back home.





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