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Book 3: Hades' Curse, to be released Winter 2014

Book 4: The Fight for Mt. Olympus, to be released 2015

Updated: October 20, 2014

Immortal Wounds News:

Because my readers are primarily young adults, as of November 1, 2012, a revised, “cleaner” second edition of Immortal Wounds was made available for download. If you have already purchased it, you may get the new version for free. Simply un-register your reading devise and register it once more. This will allow the new version to appear. Kindle Direct and Nook advise that this is done from time to time to ensure that the most current downloads are available to you.

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Collected in 2009

Marcus Ashworth: Vampire, leader of the Moon Hunters and Phoebe's husband

  • 1260- year of birth; England
  • 1286- became a vampire
  • 1287- appointed leader of the newly-formed Moon Hunters
  • 1288- married Phoebe

Phoebe: Half human, half werewolf; has a past life; current age: 29

  • 1142- year of birth; Romania
  • 1177- became a vampire
  • 1299- year of death

Richard: Werewolf

  • 1379- year of birth; England

Raymose: Vampire

  • 1086- year of birth; England
  • 1114- became a vampire

Damen Balfour: Werewolf

  • 1111- year of birth; Scotland
  • 1147- became a werewolf
  • 1152- assigned to protect Phoebe

Luther: Leader of vampires and father to Phoebe

  • Year of birth estimated around 30 BC

Aidric: Leader of werewolves

  • Year of birth estimated around 30 BC




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