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 Q&A with Nicole Grane & the men of Immortal Wounds

 Q: How did you come up with the idea for Immortal Wounds?

 Nicole: I have always been scared of things that go bump in the night. A full moon always makes me think of werewolves. And where there's a werewolf, a vampire is always close by. Writing about creatures that make you nervous is very therapeutic. I started thinking what would it be like for them? I wondered if, deep down, they would be like us? I imagined a vampire in love, and then that love dying. How would he feel? The more I thought about that, the more "human" he became. I imagined how desperate and lonely he would be, having to live centuries without her. But what if he got a second chance? What if his love was somehow reborn again? And what if the one responsible for her death was the very werewolf that was supposed to protect her? Before I knew it, I had a pretty good story plotted out.

Marcus: Yes, well, that is what one gets for trusting werewolves! A mistake that will not be repeated.

Please. And vampires don't bite?


Q: Marcus, How did you feel when you saw Phoebe again?
Marcus: The feeling is beyond words. Seeing my love after so many centuries, alive yet wounded, filled me with joy and fury at the same time. I was in a state of shock. It was Phoebe, yet it wasn't.


Q: Nicole, many readers have commented on Phoebe's character, wishing she took charge more, that she didn't hide behind Marcus. At times she was almost too needy.
Marcus: (Growling) She is human. She cannot be expected to protect herself.

Nicole: Marcus is right. But I purposely made her that way. In the beginning, Phoebe was a confident woman, successful, self-employed. She didn't need a man to define her. But after she was bitten in the alley and her body began to go through changes, she started to realize that she wasn't as in control of her life as she'd thought. Scared, she logically seeks protection from Marcus, whom she discovers was her husband. He is the only one that can protect her from Damen.

Damen: (Snorts) Yes. And he has done such an excellent job of it. That's why she was gutted before our very eyes.

Marcus: (Hisses) Do not mock me, mongrel; you will not like my reaction! It is all I can do to sit in the same room with you and not rip your throat out!

Damen: I'd like to see you try!

Raymose: Easy Marcus. We agreed to play nice for this interview . . . it would not do you well to get in a dogfight. As much as I regret, the mutt is needed for the second story.

Damen: I am not a dog!

Nicole: As I was saying . . . Phoebe does lean on Marcus for help. But, my goal was to have her character evolve, to grow stronger as the story continues. Phoebe learns to sword fight—

Marcus: An idea I was opposed to from the beginning!

Nicole: It's true. Marcus was against me letting Raymose train her. He felt he was capable enough to keep her safe. And he was! If it weren't for her stubborn nature and her ever growing need to prove her self to him. In the end, I knew Phoebe would give her life to save Luther’s, and that if I didn't force her to make these choices, to learn to fight and ready her mind for what was to come, her sacrifice would not have been believable.

Raymose: It was suicide! Any one of us could have killed Aidric.

Marcus: (Glaring at Nicole) I agree. I will never forgive you for allowing her to do that.

Damen: Please. None of you would have gotten within inches of Aidric.

Nicole: Besides, she had to. If Phoebe hadn't saved Luther's life, Marcus would have been killed for treason, and the events that are to unfold in the next story would be lost.



Q: Who do you base your characters on? Are any of the characters in Immortal Wounds real-life acquaintances?

Nicole:  Phoebe's friends, Kim and Leah, are actual friends of mine that I grew up with. I tried to mirror their personalities in the book.

Damen: Yes . . . Ms. Sanders and Ms. Williams . . . lovely women.

Marcus: They are Phoebe's friends, and you will not touch them!

Damen: (Scoffs) You can't be everywhere Marcus. It would make an interesting turn of events, would it not? They will have to inquire about Phoebe eventually. Besides, you already have your hands full. Isn't Phoebe dying somewhere as we speak?

(The room explodes with loud growling and hissing)

Nicole: Enough! The next question is for Raymose!


Q: There have been little hints that Raymose and Phoebe shared a deep love at one time. Can you elaborate on that?

Raymose: We did share a love. For a time, Phoebe was my world. She and I were . . . inseparable. I cannot elaborate anymore than that.

Damen: Raymose has always been a fountain of information. Please, allow me to elaborate on Raymose's inability to comment.

Raymose: I do not have an inability to comment! Besides, there is no need to relive the past. I believe Phoebe will drag that information out of me in the next book herself.

Nicole: Yes. Phoebe will learn more secrets from her past life with Raymose in the second book. Readers will be intrigued, and it will definitely pave the way for the prequel. 


Q: Many readers feel sorry for Damen; he seems to really love Phoebe. Will Damen have a love interest in the next book? Will he get a happily ever after?

Damen: Of course I will. Just as soon as Marcus realizes that he can't keep Phoebe from me any longer.

Marcus: She is not yours!

Nicole: That's a tricky question. I'm still playing with Damen's character. There are two outcomes for him, and I haven't decided exactly how I want it to end.

Marcus: I'll tell you, the wolf dies!

Nicole: Marcus!

Damen: (Snarling)

Raymose: (Laughing)

Nicole: The "wolf" doesn't die . . . at least I don't think so?

Damen: What? (Damen jumps to his feet, growling.)

Raymose: (Laughing harder.)

Marcus: Sit down dog. She can kill you off if she wants to.

Nicole: (Shrugs) The story is still being constructed. At this point anything can happen. I will say, that up until now, everyone has assumed Damen was responsible for Phoebe's death—he wasn't!

(Damen falls back into his chair, dumbfounded like the others).


Q: Are you going to have any romantic scenes with Raymose and Phoebe?

Nicole: (Wincing at the don't-you-dare look Marcus is giving her). There will be some close moments between them. But I do not intend to reunite their love. They had their time, and book 3, the prequel, will be the story of Phoebe's past life as a vampire with Raymose and Damen.

Damen: Finally! You will all be able to see how passionately she loved me!

Raymose: You're delusional. She would not fall in love with a werewolf. It's against our laws. Besides, you nearly killed her!

Damen: That was an accident!

Marcus: (Growling) One you will pay for. If you think I'm going to let you anywhere near her again—

Q: Did the baby survive?

(Silence; all three staring intently at Nicole.)

Marcus: Please, say yes.

Nicole: (Smiling) That is also a question I cannot answer at the moment, mostly because I have not decided for certain. I will say that if she is pregnant, the sequel will not focus around an impending birth. The story will take place over a few months time, so Phoebe would be early on in her pregnancy anyway. A war between the two species will be front and center. Luther will seek a relationship with Phoebe, and Javen, her brother, will side with the enemy. Throwing a baby in the mix of all that will change the dynamics of the story. I don't want readers to be focused on Phoebe being a mommy. She's got enough to deal with—being bitten by Marcus and all.

Marcus: I was saving her life!

Damen: Yes, and now you've put her in more danger than before.

Marcus: (Hisses) You would have done the same beast, do not deny it!


Q: Last question! When do you expect to release the next book?

Nicole: I'm planning on the fall of 2012. I've had a few other projects take over, and hopefully I'll be releasing two other novels along with the sequel to Immortal Wounds this next year.






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