Immortal Wounds & Immortal Bound

A fast-paced romance and an ancient, bitter feud seasoned with vampires, werewolves and a woman with a past life are featured 


Pinehurst News:

Book 3: Hades' Curse, to be released Winter 2014

Book 4: The Fight for Mt. Olympus, to be released 2015

Updated: October 20, 2014

Immortal Wounds News:

Because my readers are primarily young adults, as of November 1, 2012, a revised, “cleaner” second edition of Immortal Wounds was made available for download. If you have already purchased it, you may get the new version for free. Simply un-register your reading devise and register it once more. This will allow the new version to appear. Kindle Direct and Nook advise that this is done from time to time to ensure that the most current downloads are available to you.

Q & A with Nicole Grane and the men of Immortal Wounds
Check out the new Q&A tab under Immortal Wounds. Get answers to the most popular questions plus a few teasers into book two of the series, Immortal Bound.

Immortal Wounds is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Timeline & Character Info

A "who's who" guide for those who want to keep track.


Fun Facts

Sometimes readers enjoy knowing the back-story of characters, or other points of interest about books they've read.


Cut Chapters

Every writer has paragraphs or chapters that they’ve cut from their manuscripts for various reasons. I’ve chosen to include three such chapters here.


Am I a werewolf?

Immortal WoundsIf finding out she’d been bitten by a werewolf wasn’t enough to turn Phoebe’s world upside down, learning that she had a past life as a vampire certainly did! Marcus, a vampire and the former lover of Phoebe’s past life, still hungers for her. While Damen, a werewolf once responsible for the "other" Phoebe’s death, is fiercely obsessed with her, and rivaling Marcus’s passion.

Phoebe comes to realize that the horrific dreams from her subconscious are truly glimpses from her past life. She must learn to accept the monster that now claims part of her soul and that her one true love would be the undoing of her mortality.

Set in modern day Northern England, Immortal Wounds captures the essence of a time where chivalry and honor reign supreme. It is a romance about timeless love, forbidden passion, and the overwhelming desire to have what cannot be  yours. It's a story of one woman's quest to recapture a love from a lifetime ago and to find the courage within her to defend it.

The Battle Continues.

In a  struggle between the past and the present, Phoebe awakens to a world she cannot conceive. Believing that she is still the vampire princess of old, Marcus and Raymose try to convince her that she is a modern day twenty-three year old mortal, not the warrior she once was.

Phoebe is determined to meet her enemies head on. In spite of her vampire sensitivity to sunlight, she is fueled by the strength and memories of the woman she considers herself to be. The impending war between the vampires and werewolves, and a brother hell-bent on killing her, drives her motivation to protect her family from those that have threatened to harm it.




















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