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Romantic fantasy novels for both teens and adults.

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Pinehurst News:

Book 3: Hades' Curse, to be released Winter 2014

Book 4: The Fight for Mt. Olympus, to be released 2015

Updated: October 20, 2014

Immortal Wounds News:

Because my readers are primarily young adults, as of November 1, 2012, a revised, “cleaner” second edition of Immortal Wounds was made available for download. If you have already purchased it, you may get the new version for free. Simply un-register your reading devise and register it once more. This will allow the new version to appear. Kindle Direct and Nook advise that this is done from time to time to ensure that the most current downloads are available to you.

Q & A with Nicole Grane and the men of Immortal Wounds
Check out the new Q&A tab under Immortal Wounds. Get answers to the most popular questions plus a few teasers into book two of the series, Immortal Bound.

Immortal Wounds is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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I write romantic fantasy novels for both teens and adults—and I love it! Writing lets me create worlds my readers can visit. Characters that they might fall in love with, or hate. It’s my way of bringing a romantic get-a-way, or a heart-pounding adventure to everyone who opens my books.

Aside from writing, I’m an avid reader, I love iced tea and Mexican food any day of the week, and enjoy horseback riding whenever possible. One of my fondest memories is when I lived in Australia, the summer before my senior year—but that’s another story!

The tabs provide information on me, my stories, current news, and how to contact me. You’ll also find a link to my Author Facebook page where you can post comments to me directly and I will be happy to respond as quickly as I can.

So please, look around and enjoy the little extras I’ve included. Happy reading!



hades curse 

Cover art by Chris Grane

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                COMING SOON!!!!

                            COMING SOON!!!!


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